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Four years after the pandemic changed how the world conducts business, CyraCom Connect continues to deliver high-quality interpretation services to clients using teleconferencing platforms for remote meetings. Let’s review the benefits of choosing CyraCom’s teleconferencing solution to enhance communication in remote meetings between your employees, customers, clients, and patients.

What is CyraCom ConnectSM?

CyraCom Connect is our award-winning telehealth and video conferencing solution that allows fast, easy access to our trained and qualified interpreters on multiple platforms. We offer this solution in addition to our over-the-phone (OPI) and video remote interpretation (VRI) services.

Why was CyraCom Connect created?

In 2020, CyraCom released CyraCom Connect, a powerful tool for organizations that needed remote access to language services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

 How remote interpretation worked before the pandemicCyraCom Connect Assets-02

Many industries, such as healthcare and government, rely on remote interpretation services to communicate with their limited-English-speaking patients, constituents, or customers. Before the pandemic, patients or customers would go to the organization’s facilities or offices to speak with the representative or healthcare provider in person. The staff member would then call a video interpreter over their tablet, mobile phone, or laptop to interpret the conversation.

How interpretation needed to change

When organizations shifted from in-person meetings or appointments to video conferences for maintaining social distancing and lowering the risk of spreading COVID-19, they still needed to provide limited-English proficient people with interpretation services. But remote interpretation service providers like CyraCom had never needed to develop teleconferencing abilities for their interpreter platforms—the demand up to this point was for the patient and the provider to be in the same room, viewing the same in-person screen of a video call. That's why CyraCom quickly developed a solution: CyraCom Connect.

How is teleconferencing used now?

Post-pandemic, many businesses and organizations continue to utilize teleconferencing platforms to meet remotely, and CyraCom Connect’s easy-to-use interface allows thousands of our clients quickly connect with our trained interpreters.


How does CyraCom ConnectSM work?

CyraCom Connect allows you to invite an interpreter to a virtual meeting or telehealth call arranged through your preferred teleconference platform. CyraCom Connect provides video interpreters for thirty languages and audio interpreters for
over 250 languages.CyraCom Connect Assets v1-05

Once you’ve signed up for CyraCom Connect, there are four simple steps to add an interpreter to your telehealth or video conference call:

  1. Connect with your patient via your preferred teleconference provider.
  2. Sign in to or the CyraCom Interpreter App with your username and password.
  3. Choose the language that you would like an interpreter for.
  4. Insert the link to your meeting and submit the form. A CyraCom interpreter will receive the information and join your meeting promptly.


How does CyraCom ConnectSM benefit your organization?

No additional cost for teleconferencing

CyraCom offers OPI, VRI, and teleconferencing interpretation for spoken languages at the same price, so you can choose the best way to communicate without worrying about the cost.

Schedule more remote appointmentsCyraCom Connect Assets-01

  • Healthcare: Telehealth appointments can strengthen continuity of care, extend access outside of normal clinic hours, and ease the impact of clinician shortages in rural areas and among underserved populations. Studies show that fewer in‐person patient visits to hospitals means less labor for the medical staff, less viral exposure for patients, and ultimately less disease spread.

  • Business: Remote interpretation services help your team maintain accurate communication without having to leave the office. Reducing travel time and costs can improve your bottom line and enhance relationships with distant clients and customers.

Use your existing teleconference platform

CyraCom Connect works with over a dozen video communication platforms, such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams and integrates with Epic and Cerner EHRs. This means your staff won’t need to learn to navigate a new system to access our services. Look for your preferred teleconference platform below, and check out our video showing how easy it is to use our free-to-download CyraCom Interpreter App, found on Google Play and Apple.CyraCom Connect Platforms 01


Have questions about CyraCom Connect? Ready to add CyraCom Connect to your language services solutions? Contact our team today!

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Lindsay Lawson

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