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Four Reasons Remote Interpretation is More Important than Ever

Published on May 21, 2020 by Nicole Coen

As the COVID-19 pandemic progresses around the globe, healthcare organizations have had to find ways to adapt in order to help prevent further spread of the virus. While your organization may still need many essential employees to work on site, you can quickly shift language interpretation services to a remote platform with phone and video options.

Here are four ways using remote interpretation can help your organization promote safety and lower costs during the COVID-19 outbreak:

1.      Improve Social Distancing Practices

Overcrowding in hospitals can increase the number of people who may be exposed to the virus. To help maintain best social distancing practices, your organization can connect to a remote phone or video interpreter rather than utilizing an on-site interpreter. Using remote interpreters can help lower the number of people your staff and patients encounter and decrease the likelihood of spreading the virus further.

2.      Use Video Interpreters for Patients who Prefer Face-to-Face Interaction

The majority of hospitals are requiring all employees and visitors to wear masks, which can make it difficult to hear them. Wearing masks also affects patients who use sign language. They may rely on lip reading and facial expressions to help them understand what the interpreter is communicating, but a mask can obscure those expressions.

Video interpretation is an effective alternative for American Sign Language communicators. It can also serve as a substitute for patients who use spoken languages, but prefer viewing their interpreter. Because video interpreters are remote, they can safely interpret without masks, allowing patients to view their expressions.

3.      Lower Costs by Paying by the Minute

Many industries have been impacted economically during this time. With phone and video interpretation, you only pay for the minutes you use. Agency on-site interpreters charge by the hour and typically require a two-hour minimum. They also charge travel rates, which can vary depending on how far the interpreter has to travel to your organization. CyraCom only charges for the number of minutes you are connected to an interpreter.

Additionally, some language service providers charge higher rates for video interpretation than for phone interpretation. At CyraCom, we offer the same low, flat rate per minute for both phone and video interpretation in spoken languages.

4.      Access Hundreds of Languages in Seconds

Fast response is essential in healthcare, especially during urgent events like the COVID-19 pandemic. We can connect you in seconds to a professional interpreter who speaks your patient’s preferred language. CyraCom offers hundreds of languages via phone interpretation and over thirty languages via video interpretation, including American Sign Language.

Your staff can access professional interpreters through any mobile device or computer with internet connectivity, including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. CyraCom offers a complimentary mobile app for smart phones and tablets, as well as a website for desktop and laptop access.


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