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CyraCom Connect Wins Digital Health Award

The Digital Health Awards awarded CyraCom bronze in the Digital Health: Telehealth / Remote Patient Monitoring category for its telehealth solution, CyraCom Connect. The awards competition, now in its 23rd year, recognizes the best online health resources for both consumers and professionals.

About CyraCom’s Award-winning New Service: CyraCom Connect

In 2020, CyraCom released CyraCom Connect, a powerful tool for organizations that need remote access to language services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many industries, such as healthcare and government, rely on remote interpretation services to communicate with their limited-English-speaking patients, constituents, or customers. Before the pandemic, patients or customers would go to the organization’s facilities or offices to speak with the representative or healthcare provider in person. The staff member would then call a video interpreter over their tablet, mobile phone, or laptop to interpret the conversation.

When these organizations shifted from in-person meetings or appointments to video conferences for maintaining social distancing and lowering the risk of spreading COVID-19, they still needed to provide limited-English proficient people with interpretation services. But remote interpretation service providers like CyraCom had never needed to develop teleconferencing abilities for their interpreter platforms—the demand up to this point was for the patient and the provider to be in the same room, viewing the same in-person screen of a video call.

That's why CyraCom quickly developed a solution: CyraCom Connect.

CyraCom Connect allows organizations to invite a video interpreter to a virtual meeting or telehealth call arranged through their preferred teleconference platform, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Epic. CyraCom Connect works with over 15 different teleconference platforms and provides video interpreters for over 25 languages and audio interpreters for over 200 languages.

For example, a family doctor can schedule a remote appointment with a Spanish-speaking patient suffering from anxiety since mental health issues do not require a physical examination. The doctor can then use CyraCom Connect to invite a video interpreter to join the appointment on-demand to interpret treatment options.

How it works:

First, the doctor logs into Zoom and begins the virtual meeting. Then they copy the meeting invite link and open CyraCom Connect on their web browser, where they select the patient's language (Spanish), the teleconference platform (Zoom), and paste the meeting link into the Connect form to invite the video interpreter. The interpreter joins the call within a few minutes, introduces themselves, and explains how they help the doctor and patient communicate.

CyraCom Connect allows fast access to video interpreters through an intuitive and user-friendly portal. Clients can either choose from a top menu of favorited languages or search for the language they need. Each language option includes a calendar icon that displays a language's availability. Spanish, Mandarin, and American Sign Language—the most commonly requested languages for video interpretation—are available 24/7. Most other video languages are available during regular business hours, with an audio-only interpreter coverage available for 200+ languages.

Learn More or Sign Up for CyraCom Connect here.

Regina Wetzel

Regina Wetzel

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