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Tucson, AZ—CyraCom International, Inc. is proud to announce the release of our telehealth and video web-conferencing integration solution for our video interpretation service, CyraCom Connect.

COVID-19 has increased the demand for remote interpreting services. Health systems and hospitals across the country have adopted telehealth solutions as an alternative to meeting patients in person, helping lower exposure rates between patients and providers.

CyraCom Connect allows organizations to invite a video interpreter to a virtual meeting or telehealth call arranged through their preferred teleconference platform, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Epic. CyraCom Connect works with over 15 different teleconference platforms and provides video interpreters for over 25 languages and audio interpreters for over 200 languages.

CyraCom Connect grants fast access to video interpreters through an intuitive and user-friendly portal. Clients can either choose from a top menu of favorited languages or search for the language they need. Each language option includes a calendar icon that displays a language's availability. Spanish, Mandarin, and American Sign Language—the most commonly requested languages for video interpretation—are available 24/7. Most other video languages are available during regular business hours, with an audio-only interpreter coverage available for 200+ languages.

Since many organizations need this feature to comply with CDC guidelines for limiting the spread of the virus, CyraCom is currently offering CyraCom Connect at no additional cost for clients who already use video interpretation or those who sign up while the offer is still available.

Visit our Connect page for more information or to sign up:

About CyraCom International Inc.

In business since 1995, CyraCom has been a leading provider of language services. CyraCom serves many industries and sectors and provides fast, professional interpretation and translation services in hundreds of languages. Our mission is to enable people to communicate by providing quality language services regardless of the language they speak.

Providing the best language services is a complex formula, and CyraCom considers every piece of the equation: quality, availability, security, speed and accessibility, and client support. CyraCom employee interpreters complete extensive and standardized interpreter training before taking calls. In addition to completing training modules specific to COVID-19 topics, our interpreters learn common scenarios and terminology for various industries, including finance, business, and insurance.

Lindsay Lawson

Lindsay Lawson

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