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website localization

Localization is more than just simple translation—it considers the culture of the people you’re trying to reach. Let's dive into the details of what a qualified team can do to localize your website and software translation projects.

CyraCom analyzes your text and reframes the messaging, imagery, and layout of your website or software to suit the target culture. The goal is to make it appear as if you created your site or software specifically for non-English audiences.

Website localization

Of the 4 billion people who use the internet daily, only 25% are English speakers. According to Common Sense Advisory, 75% of global online shoppers prefer to buy products in their native language, and 60% rarely or never buy from English-only websites. The best way to expand your product or service internationally is to provide information in the language of the countries you’d like to target.

Software localization

CyraCom can help you adapt your software’s user interface (UI) to a specific locale’s language, culture, and legal requirements. We check for a variety of location or cultural- and linguistic-dependent content, such as:

  • Local APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), operating systems, search engines, and currency and accounting standards
  • Formatting specific to the target language; for example, double-byte characters used in Asian languages, such as Japanese, Chinese and Korean, or right-to-left writing systems, such as Arabic, Hebrew, or Farsi
  • Sorting algorithms for non-Roman character sets
  • Format varieties such as dates, currency, or addresses

Why choose CyraCom for website & software localization?

CyraCom is a leading language services provider with 25 years in the industry.

Our professional linguists offer secure, cost-effective translation and localization services in over 300 languages.

We offer a secure, convenient Translation Portal at no extra charge.

CyraCom's Translation Portal makes it easy to find information about a project deadline, request a quote, access real-time usage reports, or download your files. The portal also allows our qualified linguists to translate, edit, and review documents directly within our password-protected system.

CyraCom is ISO-accredited for translation services.

CyraCom holds certifications under ISO 17100:2015 – Translation Services and ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management Systems. We regularly pass third-party audits of our secure processes, quality management system, and the quality delivery of translation services.

We have a qualified team of linguists & don't charge PM fees.

CyraCom uses an all-human translation, editing, and review process to ensure high-quality, accurate translations that meet our clients' specific needs. You are also assigned a dedicated project manager who partners with you on every project at no additional cost.

Want a free quote for your next project?

Check out our translation & localization page, or contact our team at to learn how CyraCom can help you localize your software or website.

Lindsay Lawson

Lindsay Lawson

An experienced researcher, writer, and editor on language services-related topics, specializing in interpreting and translation services, how language works.