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CyraCom helps you access interpreters quickly by offering multiple strategies to cut down the time it takes to start communicating. Here’s how to provide your staff and clients with many language access opportunities so they can connect faster.

Strategy 1: Provide equipment & tools

While your team can use existing devices to access CyraCom’s interpretation services, we also offer helpful tools that can speed up your connection time.

Dual-handset phones: CyraCom’s dual-handset phones help your staff and patients communicate with our qualified interpreters. We pre-program the phones with your account number so your staff can press a button, say the name of the language needed, and connect with an interpreter in seconds.

CyraCom’s Interpreter App: Whether you need audio-only or video interpretation, CyraCom’s Interpreter App allows you access to interpretation services with just a few clicks. The app is free to download via the Apple Store and Google Play.

Access badges & stickers: CyraCom can provide handy access badge cards and phone stickers that include your account information. These tools ensure your staff always has the information they need to call for an interpreter.

Language identification charts & booklets: Displaying the charts and booklets where your staff first encounters LEP customers or patients can help them identify the languages your patients or customers speak.

Strategy 2: Create multiple access points for clients/patients

With multiple language access opportunities, your team can better support limited-English proficient (LEP) patients and customers.

Unique toll-free numbers: Make it easier for your patients and customers to call your staff with an interpreter already on the line.

Interactive voice response: Adding an automated greeting in other languages to your telephone line (i.e., Press/Say 2 for Spanish) helps your LEP clients communicate their need for interpretation when they contact your staff.

Strategy 3: Schedule an interpreter in advance

If you need an interpretation for an upcoming appointment or meeting, you can schedule a remote interpreter in advance at no additional cost. This strategy works best for less common languages and requires at least 24 hours of advance notice.

CyraCom client testimonial:

“I scheduled an interpreter in advance, and she was logged into the meeting and ready to start interpreting as soon as I logged on. I was amazed at how proficient and fluid she was while speaking, with minimal language lag and almost zero miscommunication. Her considerable experience was obvious, and she was a consummate professional!”

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Lindsay Lawson

Lindsay Lawson

An experienced researcher, writer, and editor on language services-related topics, specializing in interpreting and translation services, how language works.