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Checking in for medical services can be daunting for limited-English proficient (LEP) patients, especially for those unfamiliar with the United States’ healthcare processes. With translation and interpretation services, you can create a better check-in experience that puts your LEP patients at ease and helps them access the services they need. Let’s review a few ways language services can make your front desk processes more efficient.

Translation services for healthcare check-in

Faster service with bilingual intake forms: By reformatting forms to include discreet, small-font English translations in addition to the patient’s primary language, your staff can quickly review and understand the completed forms without needing an interpreter’s assistance. We also recommend translating consent forms to improve patient safety and ensure LEP patients understand the potential risks and rewards associated with their medical procedures.

Smoother check-in using translated welcome cards: To reduce patient confusion and bottlenecking at your front desk, translated welcome cards may be a smart solution. For example, UK HealthCare worked with CyraCom to create “Welcome Cards” in their top 12 languages. The cards explain the check-in process in a simple, step-by-step format. With the help of the cards, LEP patients could follow the steps and have the necessary documents ready when called to the front desk. This simple solution resolved the bottleneck at the front desk and made the clinic’s check-in process more efficient.

Inform patients of their right to language services: Follow federal mandates by hanging posters in building lobbies to notify LEP patients about their right to interpretation services at no personal cost. Your posters should include translated text from your area's 15 most common languages. This simple solution helps patients feel at ease knowing they have free access to better communication with the help of an interpreter.

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UK HealthCare Case Study: Creative Translation Solutions for Improving Patient Experiences

Interpretation services for healthcare check-in

Your front desk staff should have access to interpretation services to communicate with LEP patients. Here are a few ways you can provide your staff with easy access to interpreters:

Phone Interpretation: CyraCom offers our clients dual-handset phones, making it easy for staff members to call an interpreter. We pre-program the phones with the account number so your staff can press a button, say the name of the language needed, and connect with an interpreter in seconds.

Video Interpretation: Did you know CyraCom offers unified pricing for spoken languages, no matter how you access our interpreters? Video interpretation adds a human element to interpretation sessions, allowing your patient to see who they’re talking to. Providing a tablet to your front desk staff allows them to use CyraCom’s App whenever they need an interpreter.

In-language Communication: If you have bilingual employees, ensure they're qualified. CyraCom offers language assessments to help healthcare organizations prove their bilingual employees meet federal and accreditation standards for organizations like the Joint Commission or DNV.

Our team is ready to help you improve your check-in experience

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