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When your organization needs to complete multiple translation projects, cost becomes important in choosing a translation partner. CyraCom’s Translation Memory feature helps health and human services organizations like yours to make the most of your translation budget.

What is Translation Memory?

CyraCom uses a Translation Memory database for each client that stores the translations for words, phrases, sentences, or paragraphs from previous projects. When a client submits a new project, the Translation Memory scans the source content for any repeat translations.

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Benefits of CyraCom’s Translation Memory

CyraCom’s experienced translators transfer any duplicated text to the new project when you work on multiple projects with us. This process helps:

  • Keep translations consistent: A unified message across all translated text provides clarity and helps project efficiency. Uniformity is especially helpful to organizations in highly-regulated industries that use specific vocabulary.
  • Speed up the translation process: Translation Memory helps the translator complete projects faster if you use repeated or similar text in multiple documents.
  • Save money over time: If you’ve already translated similar sentences, paragraphs, or segments with CyraCom, we don’t charge full price to incorporate the text into your latest project.

How CyraCom’s Translation Memory Helps HHS Organizations

Here are a few examples describing how Translation Memory benefits organizations in the health and human services industry:

  • Regularly updated collateral: If your organization refreshes collateral each year, Translation Memory can help you reduce costs. Instead of paying full price to translate the same document each year, you’ll save on the text we’ve already translated for you. Many of our clients see savings add up over time when translating documents related to health insurance open enrollment, yearly program information updates, and other annually released content.
  • Organizations with multiple offices: State-wide HHS organizations tend to have many collateral pieces with similar language. CyraCom can create a Translation Memory database for your overarching brand that allows local offices requesting translations to utilize the same brand guidelines. In this example, Translation Memory keeps translations standardized and prevents documents from being individually translated by each location, further reducing costs.
  • Highly-specialized vocabulary: Life sciences and healthcare organizations often rely on fast, accurate translations. Many benefits programs translate applications, website landing pages, and information packets into the languages most often seen in their communities. For example, we can help clients translate their latest content related to COVID vaccine information, EBT card usage, housing assistance, mental health & addiction services, child or disability support, and more.

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