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When you need translated content for your website, CyraCom is the best choice for accurate, localized text and graphics that clearly communicate your message. Our expert linguists and dedicated project managers ensure that every translation project is completed efficiently through our quality assurance process.

We recently translated our Joint Commission Standards for Language Access landing page into Spanish so we can showcase how easy CyraCom’s team makes it to incorporate translated text into websites. Let’s review the three simple steps:

Step 1: Request a free translation quote

First, we emailed to request a free quote for our project. In the body of the email, we included a link to the existing landing page, the language we needed, and our preferred project deadline. Our project manager (PM), Alexis, quickly responded by asking a few follow-up questions that would help the translation team determine the project’s scope. With all the details ironed out, we accepted the quote, and the team got to work.

Step 2: High-quality translation from CyraCom’s experts

Next, we provided the native .html files for the web page we wanted to be translated into Spanish. Our PM Alexis requested source text for all “hover items,” outgoing links, menus, and forms that also needed translation – she even shared screenshots with examples from our landing page.

Once we supplied the files, the translation team got to work. Alexis let us know the process would take about a week and would keep us updated with the team’s progress. First, a translator converted the source text from English to Spanish. Then a senior Spanish translator reviewed the translated text, editing any words or phrases that may not be entirely accurate or culturally appropriate for our target audience. Finally, a proofreader analyzed each project element using intense attention to detail to look for inconsistencies or errors.

Step 3: Translation project delivery

Once CyraCom’s translation team was happy with the content, they shared it with us. The best part was how easy it was to add the translated content to our site. We received three zip files containing everything we needed: three localized images, our HTML file, and the JS file. We simply copied and pasted the Spanish text and added the localized imagery.

Check out the final version here: Normas de la Comisión Conjunta para el Acceso Lingüístico

Why should you translate & localize your website content?

A translated and localized website can help you:

  • Reach international target audiences with messaging in their preferred language
  • Grow your brand’s global presence through consumer-centric, personalized marketing tactics

CyraCom's translation team will analyze your text and reframe your website or software's messaging, imagery, and layout to suit the target culture. The goal is to make it appear as if you created your site or software specifically for non-English audiences.

Did you know about 47% of global internet users are non-English speaking?

According to multiple research studies, customers want to learn about a product or service through content in their primary language:

Additional Resources:

It’s easy to get started – simply request a free translation quote from CyraCom!

Contact our team at to get started.

Lindsay Lawson

Lindsay Lawson

An experienced researcher, writer, and editor on language services-related topics, specializing in interpreting and translation services, how language works.