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Using interpretation and translation can positively impact your bottom line. Let’s dive into the data:

Research Data: How language services impact businesses


  • Around 71.5% of customer service leaders claim a boost in customer satisfaction scores (CSAT) when they connect in the customer’s native language.
  • 29% of businesses say they’ve lost customers because they don’t offer multilingual support.
  • 70% of surveyed customers gave positive feedback to firms offering multilingual customer services and language interpretation options.
  • 58% of customers are likely to become faithful to a brand with multilingual call centers.


  • An analysis of businesses that expanded translation budgets showed they were 5 times more likely to report an overall revenue increase.
  • 72.1% of consumers spend most or all of their time on websites in their own language.
  • 56.2% believe the ability to obtain information in their own language is more important than price.
  • 42% of internet users said they never purchase products and services in other languages.

Risks You May Encounter Without Language Services

When a non-English speaking client or customer needs assistance or information but cannot can’t communicate their needs to your representatives or understand the materials, it can cause several issues:

  • Customer frustration: Language barriers hinder clear and effective communication, often leaving employees unable to resolve the customer’s problem.
  • Poor customer service: When employees can’t speak the same language as the customer, providing fantastic customer service is nearly impossible.
  • Embarrassing mistranslations: Your written materials should be translated and localized to avoid providing clients with written materials that don’t communicate your message properly.
  • Financial loss: Customers with unresolved issues most likely won’t purchase from your company again, and they may even tell their friends and family about their negative experience.

Video: Why you need language services

Resource: How to communicate with your LEP customers to provide excellent customer service

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Lindsay Lawson

Lindsay Lawson

An experienced researcher, writer, and editor on language services-related topics, specializing in interpreting and translation services, how language works.