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As 2023 comes to a close, we’re celebrating by sharing CyraCom’s best content. From practical tips such as integrating with Epic EHR and perfecting that RFP to various insights into language access for your industry, we provided valuable content to help make your language access program shine. If you haven’t read these helpful articles, now is your chance to catch up on our most popular posts:

1. 3 key benefits of Epic EHR integration

CyraCom offers two apps to help you connect with an interpreter within Epic MyChart. Our Epic integrations eliminate the need to switch between software applications during your interpretation session, allowing for a more efficient experience.

2. Interview: RFP Tips & Tricks from CyraCom’s RFP Manager

If you’ve got an upcoming RFP, we’ve got the resources to make the process easier than ever. Sign up to receive our free RFP resources and learn how to ask the right questions, provide an organized, user-friendly pricing template, and evaluate responses.

3. Interview with a CyraCom Account Manager

What does your account manager do for you? CyraCom’s account managers are part of our award-winning customer service department, helping clients customize their interpretation services to fit their needs. For example, the interview discusses one of our latest features, Client-First Interpretation, where we create a priority call queue that allows a client’s in-house interpreters to answer calls first. If call volume increases, surplus calls go to CyraCom’s interpreters.

4. Best practices for working with ASL interpreters

If you work with people from the Deaf or Hard of Hearing community, use these tips to accommodate their needs during your interpretation sessions. For example, you don’t need to speak in a slower, louder, or over-articulated way to communicate your message. Make eye contact with the person you’re speaking with rather than the interpreter.

5. What’s the difference between interpretation and translation?

We’re always happy to help people learn more about language services, no matter their current knowledge level. This article helps people who are new to language services understand the different skills used by interpreters and translators, as well as providing links to other helpful resources like our free email courses:

6. OSHA Language Requirements: What you need to know to stay compliant

Protecting your employees from workplace injuries is crucial to your business’ success. Learn about OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard and how you can incorporate language services to maintain compliance and avoid fines. CyraCom’s translation team can help you deliver critical safety information in your employees’ primary languages, from training videos to eLearning modules to training handbooks.

7. How to use language services to improve health equity

Research shows that people who are limited-English proficient (LEP) often experience worse healthcare outcomes than native English speakers. Language services can help improve health equity for your hospital’s patients through each step of their healthcare journey. For example, you can help LEP patients understand check-in processes using bilingual intake forms and translated welcome cards. These simple and effective solutions work well for our client, UK HealthCare. Read the full case study here.

8. Connect with an interpreter faster

When you need to communicate with LEP patients or customers, quickly connecting to an interpreter is crucial. Review strategies to help your team access interpreters faster, like creating unique toll-free numbers or using interactive voice response systems that connect LEP callers with an interpreter before the call is routed to your staff.

9. What you need to know about translation for medical devices

Did you know that the European Union’s Medical Device Regulation (EU MDR) requires medical device manufacturers to adapt their product language to the country where they want to market it? CyraCom offers translation in 400+ languages, including all 24 official EU languages. Plus, we maintain an ISO 13485:2016 certification, which accredits the company for medical device translation.

10. Data Security & Language Services

You need to trust your language services provider to protect your data. This article describes the processes CyraCom uses to keep our clients’ information secure, including our ISO accreditations, operation security protocols, and secure translation portal. If you’re concerned about security, ask your provider about their approach to preventing data breaches.

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Lindsay Lawson

Lindsay Lawson

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