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While most businesses should translate content for their limited-English proficient (LEP) customers, a few industries require more: knowledgeable, industry-specific translation support.

CyraCom provides high-quality translation services that help healthcare, insurance, banking, life science, legal, and hospitality businesses comply with regulations and grow their client base. We recently expanded the content on our website’s Translation & Localization pages to showcase the types of translation projects we specialize in—here’s what you need to know.

Healthcare Translation Services

Statistically, LEP patients are more likely to have healthcare disparities compared to other patients. Beyond the required taglines and other translation regulations from Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act, healthcare organizations can deliver better patient experiences and outcomes by incorporating more translated content into day-to-day interactions.

CyraCom helps hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities better communicate with their LEP patients by translating written materials such as forms, notices, and instructions. . In addition to translation, it’s important to incorporate transcription services such as large print documents, braille, audio, and Section 508-related projects to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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Insurance Translation Services

CyraCom’s human linguists, quality assurance process, and secure translation portal help insurance companies support LEP policyholders. Translating Evidence of Coverage, Annual Notice of Changes, and other critical content can build trust in your brand and help you comply with the latest ERISA Section 503 requirements. If you want to increase business, our team can also help you translate and localize marketing materials, including websites, collateral, and ad campaigns.

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Banking Translation Services

Studies show that customers prefer to work with companies that provide translated content. CyraCom’s secure, cost-effective translation and localization services in over 300 languages can help you better communicate with your limited-English-proficient customers or members. Our professional linguists are subject matter experts who can help you translate disclosures and regulations such as federally required reporting, FDIC notices, and account notices.

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Life Science Translation Services

Did you know CyraCom is ISO-accredited to translate for medical devices? In addition to the ISO 13485:2016 certification for medical device translation, the company also holds certifications for ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System and ISO 17100: 2015 Translation Services.

If you require translation & localization for patents, product labeling, instructions, regulatory documents, or other medical device documentation, CyraCom can help.

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Legal Translation Services

Do you work in immigration law, represent LEP clients, or handle international cases? Our team can help you translate a wide variety of evidentiary materials. CyraCom delivers accurate and confidential language services that help everyone in your firm support LEP clients. For example, most translation providers email client files to translators, meaning your client’s personal information could end up in external, potentially unsecured systems. CyraCom keeps data secure by translating, editing, and reviewing content within our password-protected Translation Portal.

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Hospitality Translation Services

How do you target international travelers? Providing information or serving ads in multiple languages can help you convert foreign prospects into customers. For best results, you should choose a translation partner that localizes your message.

CyraCom doesn’t simply convert your message from one language to another—we localize content on your website, marketing collateral, and other translation projects so that it sounds like it was originally written in the target language. Avoid embarrassing, costly translation mistakes by trusting our human linguists and editors to accurately deliver your brand message.

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Lindsay Lawson

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